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Case Study Development Centre:

We believe that the only way to make our students adept at decision making is by providing them with the most demanding challenges that confront leading companies, nonprofits and government organizations. This can be done only through case studies. We believe that the case method is the best way to prepare students for the challenges of leadership.

The case study is an excellent method for combating the “dualistic approach” that many students have when they arrive at Management Education. This approach seeks the “one right answer” and is common in students from certain cultures and students trained in the natural sciences. Knowledge, to their mind, is unambiguous and clear and learning a simple matter of information exchange. Students at this stage believe the teacher’s job is to impart facts, and their job is to remember and reproduce them. In the study of business, however, this approach cannot last long. Case studies are in-depth investigations of a single person, group, event or community. Typically, data are gathered from a variety of sources and by using several different methods.

For many students, the case study will be the first time they have been asked for their opinion in class. It offers a real chance to develop students’ communication and interpersonal skills.

How does the case method work? When students are presented with a case, they place themselves in the role of a decision-maker. The next step they are expected to take is the necessary analysis- examining the causes and arriving at a set of recommendations. To get the most out of cases, students read and reflect on the subject and then discuss their findings in teams. Under the guidance of and questioning of the professor, they probe the underlying causes, compare alternatives and suggest courses of action in alignment with the organizations’ objectives. Class participation is the essential criteria in determining a student’s grade. This requires that the students and faculty work together

Flow Chart Case study

Case Study
Sr No. Particulars Page No
1 Mr . Pankaj Pagar – Rise of Immortal View
2 Mr. Nilesh Wagh – My Time Will Come View
3 Mr . pankaj Ghadge – Never Give Up View
4 Pankaj Isnagar – Spirited Man Behind The Papaya’s Nursery View
5 Pavan Wagh -the Golden Ways Of Achievement View
6 Pramod Metkar – No One To Someone View
7 Ravi Thorat – How I Made It View
8 Nothing to Everything – Ashok Bagmar View
9 Samir Bagul – Dreams Crushers View
10 Komal Tayade – The Turning Point View
11 Mohan Ramrakhiyani – Often Wrong, Never In Doubt View
12 Akshay Zope – Simplicity To Great Achievement View
13 Ram Khandekar – struggle Makes Man Perfect View
14 Abhishek Takate – I Want Something My Own View
15 Ashutosh Kshirsagar – a Long Way To Go. View
16 Mr. Mahendra Vibhandik: Success Story Of A College Dropout View
17 Sachin Burghate – impossible Into I’m Possible View
18 Pratik Jawale – Rags To Riches View
Sr No. Particulars Page No
1 Kadam Lawns View
2 Delight café and food View
3 V3 Data Solutions View
4 Food Mall Restaurant View
5 Chaha Katta: Sapat View
6 Dadasaheb Phalke Father Of Indian Cinema View
7 Sayali Bhagat View
8 Neha Joshi View
9 Arjun Rampal View
10 Chinmay Udgirkar View
11 Bhakti Deshpande View
12 Anita Date View
13 Sachin Shinde View
14 Mrunal Dusanis View
Sr No. Particulars Page No
1 Mr. Nasir Khatib-the Milk Man View
2 Mr. Palash Gursale View
3 Mr. Kishor Nagre View
4 Mr. Shrikant Khumbhar: Sk Industries View
5 Mr. Sohanlal Bhandari View
6 Mr. Aher Sagar Ramdas: The Herbal Man View
7 Mr. Gopal Prajajpati View
8 Mr. Varun Bhimrao Bhamre View
9 Mr. Praveez Khan View
10 Mr.Bhivaji Patil View
11 Mr Gajanan Nawale View
Sr No. Particulars Page No
1 Radha Kisan Chandak View
2 A Great Personality – Digvijay Kapadiya View
3 Sunil Chandak View
4 Entrepreneur in the city: Rajeev Samant View
5 Finding Success With: Ashok Katariya View
6 Narendra Goliya View
7 Megha Borse View
8 Madhur Kshirsagar View
9 Ms. Apurva Rahalkar View
10 Neelay Group Of Industries: Ringing Success-ceo, Mr. Dilip Girase View
Sr No. Particulars Page No
1 Krushi Ratna , Mr. Rajendra Zumbarlal Kunkulol View
2 Priydarshani Sahakari Soot Girani Pvt. Ltd. – Amrishbhai Patel View
3 Dr. Swaminathan -founder & Chairman Of Ms Swaminathan Research Foundation View
4 Jahagirdar Bakers View
5 Kentucky Fried Chicken’s (Kfc) In India View
6 Clear Car Rental-sachin Kate View
7 Mr.Janardan Vanjari of M/S. Renuka Industries View
8 Mr.Hanmantrao Gaikwad Founder And Managing Director Of BVG(Bharat Vikas Group India Ltd). View
Sr No. Particulars Page No
1 Case Study on Nirlep View
2 Papaya’s Nursery View
3 Mr.Kisansa Kshatriya (1953 – 1987) View
4 Dhanshri Paper Mill View
5 Young Entrepreneur : Shaunak Chafekar View
6 One of the Youngest CEOs of Nasik City: Dinesh Modi View
7 Entrepreneur in the City: Manas Gajare View