SAMS, that is SANDIP ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT STUDENTS, is the “Association of Management Students” formed by the students, for the students, and made up of the students. SAMS is launched with the basic aim of uniting the students of Department of Management Studies of Sandip Foundation, with the bright vision of our Respected Head of Department Dr. Rakesh S. Patil Sir, for igniting the spirit of management skills and creativity among the management students. SAMS is formed for guiding the management students towards their glorious career with various activities and also by serving the society. SAMS will help each and every student to bring forward their creative management skills and their talents in various ways through various activities.

Sandip Association of management Students
Academic Year Name of Team Members Designation
2020-21 Aditi Kapadnis President
Pratiksha Tajanpure Vice President
Rugved Khandare Treasurer
Shubham Wankhede. Secretary
2019-20 Prasad Nikhumb President
Vinayak Birari Vice President
Sahil Kamble Treasurer
Manali Malpathak Secretary
2018-19 Manoj Adusure President
Prasad Mishra Vice President
Asha Sasidharan Treasurer
Aditi Kadam Secretary
2017-18 Deepali Raundale President
Dnyanesh Aher Vice President
Piyush Shewale Treasurer
Akshita Jain Secretary
2016-17 Ojaswita Akhegaonkar President
Udyan Tokkekar Vice President
Sneha Modiyani Treasurer
Arti Nagdev Secretary
2015-16 Anuja Bharote President
Hiren Chopda Vice President
Manish Vispute Treasurer
Nisha Patel Secretary