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Sr.No. Application Number Applicant / Inventor Title Level Filing Date Status
1 345047-001  Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil Industrial Design Patent SOAP  Dispenser National :IP Design, Govt of India 19/06/2021 Filed
2 2021103373  Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil ICT Based System & Framework for Monitoring Social Distancing International :Australian Government /IP Australia 04/06/2021 Filed
3 2021102661  Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil A strategic customer value driven plan development methodology for creating high growth business opportunities International : Australian Government / IP Australia 18/05/2021 Filed
4 2021102099  Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil Method for developing a strategic customer value driven plan to create high growth business opportunities International :Australian Government /IP Australia 21/04/2021 Grant
5 2021101470 Prof. (Dr). Rakesh Patil An artificial intelligence enabled cryptography based financial analytical tool International :Australian Government / IP Australia 23/03/2021 Grant

List of Filed Copyright Application of Sandip Foundations, Nashik (Maharashtra) 2018

Sr. No. Title of Work Author Name Diary Number
1 Study of customer relations with respect to distribution channel members Prof.(Dr.) Rakesh Patil 4683/2018-CO/L
2 Retail market and horeca segment analysis Prof.(Dr.) Rakesh Patil 4684/2018-CO/L
3 To study marketing mix of ramson and seven seas products in Nashik region Prof.(Dr.) Rakesh Patil 4689/2018-CO/L
4 A study on retailer analysis about ramson and seven seas product in Nasik region Prof.(Dr.) Rakesh Patil 4691/2018-CO/L
5 To study consumer buying behavior towards Amul milk products. Prof.(Dr.) Rakesh Patil 4700/2018-CO/L
6 A study on consumer behavior Prof.(Dr.) Rakesh Patil 4702/2018-CO/L
7 A study of competitor analysis of ramson industries Prof.(Dr.) Rakesh Patil 4714/2018-CO/L
8 To study non-performing assets, its recovery process and policy. Prof. Dr. Prashant Patil 4682/2018-CO/L
9 The role of insurance regulatory and development authority with respect to controlling and regulating the insurance sector in India Prof. Dr. Prashant Patil 4685/2018-CO/L
10 Export procedure and documentation Prof. Dr. Prashant Patil 4687/2018-CO/L
11 To study the awareness of health insurance and claim settlement process Mrs. Sarika Patil 4688/2018-CO/L
12 To study the occupational health management system Mrs. Sarika Patil 4695/2018-CO/L
13 A study on compliances under labor laws Mrs. Sarika Patil 4697/2018-CO/L
14 Comparison between different schemes of mutual funds Mrs. Sarika Patil 4699/2018-CO/L
15 To study employee job satisfaction Mrs. Sarika Patil 4706/2018-CO/L
16 Identification of potential customers Mrs. Sarika Patil 4715/2018-CO/L
17 Analysis of aluminum sector of Indian industry Mr. Prabodhan Patil 4680/2018-CO/L
18 Comparative analysis of insurance company with respect to its products, services and returns Mr. Prabodhan Patil 4681/2018-CO/L
19 To study working capital management Mr. Prabodhan Patil 4693/2018-CO/L
20 Functional business & revenue model for maxima centrifuge controls Mr. Prabodhan Patil 4703/2018-CO/L
21 Consumer perception towards life insurance Mr. Prabodhan Patil 4704/2018-CO/L
22 A comparative study of ulip plans and mutual funds of reliance industries Mr. Prabodhan Patil 4717/2018-CO/L
23 A study on customer retention strategy Mr. Rahul Mandale 4692/2018-CO/L
24 A study of competitor analysis Mr. Rahul Mandale 4696/2018-CO/L
25 Analysis of brand preference of electrician Mr. Rahul Mandale 4705/2018-CO/L
26 A study on market mapping in nashik region Mr. Rahul Mandale 4711/2018-CO/L
27 Sales analysis of ramson and seven seas product in Nashik Mr. Rahul Mandale 4712/2018-CO/L
28 A study on brand awareness program Mr. Rahul Mandale 4713/2018-CO/L
29 A study of employee satisfaction on health, safety & welfare Mr. Adesh Solanke 4690/2018-CO/L
30 Market analysis of Amul milk products for Dhule region Mr. Adesh Solanke 4707/2018-CO/L


List of Filed Copyright Application of Sandip Foundations, Nashik (Maharashtra) 2017

Sr. No. Title of Work Author Name Diary Number
1 Analysis and interpretation of financial statement using ratio analysis Prof. Dr. Rakesh Patil 7425/2017-CO/L
2 Maynard operation sequence technique analysis Prof. Dr. Rakesh Patil 7419/2017-CO/L
3 To achieve first time right vehicles at wheel alignment stage by six sigma methodology Prof. Dr. Rakesh Patil 7414/2017-CO/L
4 Analysis & Interpretation of Ratio Prof. Dr. Rakesh Patil 7415/2017-CO/L
5 Retail Banking Rekyc Prof. Dr. Rakesh Patil 7400/2017-CO/L
6 “Analysis of risk and return for various alternative investments at HDFC Bank” Prof. Dr. Rakesh Patil 7410/2017-CO/L
7 A study of effectiveness of training and development” for “Rushabh Honda Pvt Ltd” Mrs. Sarika Patil 7383/2017-CO/L
8 Study on comparative analysis of Car Loan Mr. Prabodhan Patil 7382/2017-CO/L
9 Study on Technical Analysis of Stock Mr. Prabodhan Patil 7387/2017-CO/L
10 Study of working capital management Mr. Prabodhan Patil 7406/2017-CO/L
11 To study the awareness for mutual fund among teaching professional at Sandip Foundation Mr. Prabodhan Patil 7408/2017-CO/L
12 Perception of customers towards net banking services for HDFC bank ltd. Mr. Prabodhan Patil 7412/2017-CO/L
13 Home loan of Bank of Maharashtra Mr. Prabodhan Patil 7413/2017-CO/L
14 Loans and Advances at Mahindra Finance Mr. Prabodhan Patil 7418/2017-CO/L
15 Payables management process for ITC Maratha Mr. Prabodhan Patil 7427/2017-CO/L
16 A Study of Market Channel in Hotel Industry Mr.  Rahul Mandale 7381/2017-CO/L
17 Digital Marketing of website at“ Crystal webtechs” Mr.  Rahul Mandale 7385/2017-CO/L
18 To study Marketing mix at McDonald’s for McDonald’s Pvt. Ltd. Mr.  Rahul Mandale 7389/2017-CO/L
19 “Consumer behavior towards Solar power products” Mr.  Rahul Mandale 7397/2017-CO/L
20 The study of models used by Online real estate portals in Nasik city Mr.  Rahul Mandale 7398/2017-CO/L
21 Lean management Mr.  Rahul Mandale 7405/2017-CO/L
22 A study of just in time technique in Bosch Ltd., nashik Mr.  Rahul Mandale 7422/2017-CO/L
23 To study the competency mapping process of employees of Agri Search (India) Pvt. Ltd Mr.Adesh Solanke 7416/2017-CO/L
24 The study of human resource planning and its impact on recruitment and selection process Mr.Adesh Solanke 7420/2017-CO/L
25 To study the process of evaluation of employees satisfaction Mr.Adesh Solanke 7421/2017-CO/L
26 Customer relationship management” for VSYS technologies Mr. Jeevan Ahire 7394/2017-CO/L
27 Consumer retention to hotel industry referred to Hotel Celebration Mr. Jeevan Ahire 7423/2017-CO/L


List of Filed Copyright Application of Sandip Foundations, Nashik (Maharashtra) 2016


Sr. No. Title of Work Author Name Diary Number
1 The effect of social media marketing on pantaloons fashion and retail ltd Prof. (Dr). Rakesh Patil 5437/2016-CO/L
2 Challenges to promote Indian mango pulp in international market at freshtrop fruits ltd.” For freshtrop fruits ltd Prof. (Dr). Rakesh Patil 5447/2016-CO/L
3 “Recruitment as a Career of choice”   for Buzz corporate services Pvt. Ltd. Prof. Sarika Patil 5424/2016-CO/L
4 Identification of Mentors in Hal, Nasik Mrs. Sarika Patil 5425/2016-CO/L
5 Employee satisfaction survey Mrs. Sarika Patil 5426/2016-CO/L
6 “Employee engagement” for powerinst ltd. Nasik Mrs. Sarika Patil 5427/2016-CO/L
7 Study of payroll administration For Vsys technologies Mrs. Sarika Patil 5433/2016-CO/L
8 A study the sales promotional strategy of empire spius and foods ltd. Mrs.Sarika Patil

Prof.(Dr). Rakesh Patil

9 Branding and promotion of paint & wall products “at icon paint pvt. Ltd Mr. Prabodhan Patil 5589/2016-CO/L
10 MSME-entrepreneur’s perception towards loan provided by Andhra bank with respect to Raichur Branch for  Andhra Bank Mr. Prabodhan Patil 5654/2016-CO/L
11 Analysis of risk in derivate market Mr. Prabodhan Patil 5655/2016-CO/L
12 Non-performing asset Mr. Prabodhan Patil 5867/2016-CO/L
13 Trading education in Indian brokerage industry for Shah investor home ltd Mr. Prabodhan Patil 5872/2016-CO/L
14 To study import export policies and practices of Ameya EXIM Prof.(Dr) Shuchi Gautam

Prof.(Dr). RakeshPatil

15 The study of various investment options and analysis of investment pattern of investors” for   “axis bank Prof.(Dr) Shuchi Gautam 5607/2016-CO/L
16 Study of credit rating system” for bank of Baroda Nasik road branch Prof.(Dr) Shuchi Gautam 5653/2016-CO/L
17 To study the mutual fund and their comparison Prof.(Dr) Shuchi Gautam 5656/2016-CO/L
18 Credit risk management  of commercial loans” Prof.(Dr) Shuchi Gautam 5657/2016-CO/L
19 An analytical study of mortgage loan with reference to bank of Baroda Prof.(Dr) Shuchi Gautam 5874/2016-CO/L
20 Market research – online real estate portals vis-à-vis traditional real estate agents for Mr. Rahul Mandale 5583/2016-CO/L
21 Google my business page – as a promotional tool” for vision courier (first flight courier services) Mr.AdeshSolanke 5585/2016-CO/L
22 Market share of Apollo tyer in passenger car radial in Nashik area Mr. Adesh Solanke 5586/2016-CO/L


List of Filed Copyright Application of Sandip Foundations, Nashik (Maharashtra) 2015

Sr. No. Title of Work Author Name Diary Number
1 IT product management Dr. Rakesh Patil 4832/2015co/L
2 Brand awareness and customer satisfaction of Club Mahindra in Nasik city Mrs. Sarika Patil 4805/2015-Co/L
3 Study on recruitment process and Challenges faced by recruiter Mrs. Sarika Patil 4823/2015co/L
4 HR policies and its implementation Mrs. Sarika Patil 4826/2015co/L
5 To study the satisfaction level of HR Policies Mrs. Sarika Patil 4827/2015co/L
6 Forecasting of iron ore Prices using time Series Mrs. Sarika Patil 4840/2015co/L
7 A study on customer perception and buying Behavior towards Sula port wine 1000 Mr. Hemant Wanjare 4790/2015-Co/L
8 Evaluation of red FM promotional campaign, red FM Mr. Hemant Wanjare 4792/2015-Co/L
9 New concept testing Mr. Hemant Wanjare 4797/2015-Co/L
10 A study of new product penetration in Market for autoclaved aerated Concrete blocks Mr. Hemant Wanjare 4800/2015-Co/L
11 To study on customer satisfaction and

feedback Towards cultural events

Mr. Hemant Wanjare 4802/2015-Co/L
12 Strategies for online reputation management (ORM) over social media platform Mr. Hemant Wanjare 4803/2015-Co/L
13 Analysis of distribution channel and market Share of hindustan cocacola Beverage Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Prabhodan Patil 4814/2015co/L
14 Fundamental analysis of power sector Companies Mr. Prabhodan Patil 4815/2015co/L
15 Investment opportunities in stock & Commodities Mr. Prabhodan Patil 4816/2015co/L
16 To study the investors perception  towards Mutual fund Mr. Prabhodan Patil 4817/2015co/L
17 To study the impact of advertisement with special Impact of word of mouth in concept selling Market with reference to art of living happiness Programme Mrs. Shuchi Gautam 4804/2015-Co/L
18 Hedging of equity portfolio and derivatives With special reference to call / put option Mrs. Shuchi Gautam 4807/2015-Co/L
19 Study on credit appraisal Mrs. Shuchi Gautam 4809/2015-Co/L
20 Equity analysis of banking sector Mrs. Shuchi Gautam 4812/2015co/L
21 Study of UTI’s top 5 mutual fund schemes Mrs. Shuchi Gautam 4813/2015co/L
22 A study of mutual fund: an investment tool (with special reference to the perception of Individual investor’s) Mrs. Shuchi Gautam 4853/2015co/L
23 To promote sale of commercial vehicle of Tata Motors Mrs. Rupali Kulkarni 4781/2015-Co/L
24 To study the satisfaction level between Associates (workers) and managers Mrs. Rupali Kulkarni 4819/2015-co/L
25 Study on competency mapping Mrs. Rupali Kulkarni 4822/2015-co/L
26 Study of disciplinary action and grievances Handling procedure Mrs. Rupali Kulkarni 4829/2015-co/L