HOD Message

Change is a natural law. It is unavoidable and ongoing.In comparison to natural change, reactive change necessitates extensive strategic and operational changes.  The complicated and rapidly changing business environment that is currently existing as a result of the global economic recession has prompted firms to implement cost-cutting measures and staff rationalization, resulting in a decline in accessible work possibilities for professionals. However, one good outcome of the crisis has been an increase in efficiency and innovation in company processes.
We at the MBA have taken the recession’s lessons and reoriented our curriculum and pedagogy to address new environmental forces. Our MBA students can choose between major and minor specializations. They have been subjected to a rigorous programme of instruction and training in order to prepare them for the realities of the emerging corporate world. Their intellectual and behavioral abilities have been sufficiently developed to meet the business world’s problems in the face of tough competition. They are now prepared to confront the difficulties inherent in real-world business circumstances with sincerity, honesty, and zeal. Faculty members in the Department of Management Studies (MBA) are committed to advancing and spreading knowledge through teaching, research, and training. Numerous pedagogical approaches are employed to assist our students in developing business acumen, people skills, and teamwork.

For those of you aspiring managers and leaders, you are about to embark on an extraordinary educational journey.Take pleasure in the two-year journey, because one day you will look back on your career path and realize that the modest actions you took along the way set you up for success. As the adage goes, “a thousand mile trip begins with a single stride.”
I wish all MBA students the best of luck in their careers and am convinced that they will contribute significantly to the industry through their work