HOD Message

Welcome to the Department of Management Studies!

We are delighted to have you join our MBA program, where we understand the multi-dimensional nature of management and remain open to the ever-changing business landscape. Our primary goal is to nurture our students and facilitate their growth across all sectors of the industry.

I am pleased to announce that our institute has recently been granted “Autonomous” status, adding another feather to our cap. We take great pride in our exceptional faculty members, who have consistently produced outstanding research work published in top journals.

At MBA, we emphasize strong connections with industries to not only ensure excellent placements but also to continuously update our course curriculum to align with industry requirements. We have established partnerships with esteemed foreign universities and institutions, enhancing student exchange programs, faculty collaborations, and joint research initiatives.

In our MBA program, we offer a wide range of specializations to cater to the diverse interests of our students. You have the opportunity to choose major and minor specializations in HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Business Analytics, Rural & Agriculture Management, and International Business Management. Through a rigorous program of instruction and training, we prepare our students for the realities of the emerging corporate world. We hone their intellectual and behavioral abilities to tackle business challenges amidst fierce competition. Our dedicated faculty members in the Department of Management Studies (MBA) are committed to advancing knowledge through teaching, research, and training. We employ various pedagogical approaches to develop our students’ business acumen, people skills, and teamwork abilities.

To all aspiring managers and leaders, you are about to embark on an extraordinary educational journey. Embrace the two-year experience and remember that the small actions you take along the way will set you up for success in the long run.

I extend my best wishes to all MBA students in their careers and have full confidence that they will make significant contributions to the industry through their work.

“Just as a single drop can create ripples across an entire ocean, one small step can create a wave of transformation”. Best of luck on your journey!

Dr. Sarika Patil
HOD-MBA Department