MBA Academic Documents

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1 Academic Audit Reports View
2 Action Taken Report of Academic Audit View
3 CO & PSO (3 years) View
4 Composition and Functions of Governing Body View
5 Consultancy Projects (4 years) View
6 Course File Semester (All Semester Specialization wise) View
7 Departmental Presentation (PDF) View
8 Faculty List of Three Assessment Years View
9 Feedback Faculty (All- Graph with sample) View
10 Financial Powers to the Principal & HOD View
11 Institutional Presentation(PDF) View
12 List of Faculty Research Papers with Online Links View
13 NBA_Letter View
14 Placed Students List (3 batch) View
15 PO-Targeted-Attainment (3 years) View
16 Questionnaire Test final View
17 Report on Induction and Parents Meet  (with sign) View
18  Sample Corrective Action Taken View
19 Sample Corrective Action Taken ( Feedback) View
20 Sem-I-End-Term-Feedback View
21 Students List for First Year MBA  View
22 Summer Internship Project (All  Specialization) View
24 Department Budget View
25 Gaps Identified & Action Taken View