Value Added Program (VAP)

Education sure begins in classrooms, but it does not end there. While we at Sandip Foundation do focus immensely on setting an up-to-date curriculum that covers all the basics and build a solid foundation for our students, we also stress on the many value-added courses we can provide our students to give them an extra edge when they embark on their careers. In the past few years, each college of Sandip Foundation has conducted many value-added courses for its students, outside their regular curriculums. There have been SAP courses, courses in Android Technology, courses in Management, communication skills, and more. Each of these courses fills a gap that exists between the students and the needs of the industries where they want to build their careers in. As a result, the students become even more industry-ready. These courses act as extra weapons in their arsenal and equip them to face the challenges of the corporate world with determination and the right skills.