Krushi Ratna , Mr. Rajendra Zumbarlal Kunkulol

Mr. Rajendra Z. Kunkulol was born in Shrirampur village in a humble household. His father was a priest conducting religious rituals for his live hood. Mr. Kunkulol did his primary education in his village and completed his education till BSC from Loni.

In 1975, Mr.Kunkulol started his career in farming. He worked in Sgricos company for one year on measly wage of Rs.1.50 a day. Later he joined to his Dad in their farm. Mr. Kunkulol has least experience in farming. This job was paying decent money but it was not satisfying for him. He felt that farming was restricting his creativity. But it was impossible him for him to quite the farming. So he decided to come up with creativity which would help village.

Mr. Kunkulol always wanted to do something different but unfortunately, the right opportunity was knocking the door. Working for others was never creative for him. Once he was free from the burden of working for others he started his own Submersible Pump Business. This Business gave him courage to become a famous entrepreneur.

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