Mr. Hanmantrao Gaikwad Founder And Managing Director Of Bvg(Bharat Vikas Group India Ltd)

Hanmantrao Gaikwad was born in small village in Satara district belonging to a middle class family. He was a brilliant student in school & college time. But his life was full of struggle and misery, when Mr Gaikwad was pursuing his graduation his father was suffering with long ailment. Hanmantrao faced financial struggle and it started to get worse; he was unable to afford even the one rupee bus ticket. This made him realize the importance of money and the one who has it. He had been cycling 42kms every day to his college. When he went to second year of diploma he lost his father.

Hanmant after completing his diploma in electronics he further did his B.Tech with accrue difficulty and faced many problems, though he passed his diploma in first class he was not able to the admission in good college. They used to charge their fees on higher side. To get Hanmants admission in a reputed and good college his mother took the loan from Mumbai Municipal Cooperation. Then hanmant got admitted in ‘Vishawakrama Institute of Technology, Pune’ to study engineering. While he supported himself by taking up small jobs like taking coaching classes, painting and doing housekeeping work, etc.

Turning Point of His Life.

Hanmant was fond of reading novels and stories of the great thinkers Swami Vivekananda & many more; the one thought of Swami Vivekananda gave a new direction to Hanmant’s life. “Take up one idea make that idea your life. Think of it, dream of it live on that idea. This is the way to success.” Hanmant got inspired by the thought of ‘Swami Vivekananda’. And started to search such idea’s that will lead his life in a new and aspiring direction, and in mean while the idea of Bharat Vikas Group generated. Now as he got an idea but the idea was too vast, Case Study Mr. Hanmantrao Gaikwad Founder And Managing Director Of BVG(Bharat Vikas Group India Ltd).

how he could work on it, he analyzed through to himself. Now as leaders say, ‘no army can stop an idea.’ He started the nonprofit trust called Bharat Vikas Partisanstan to help with the donations from wealthy people group of people and support the chunk of poor students which weren’t able to take their education in a proper way. To get the quality education for poor student who struggle for education Hemant started with this idea to impart the education through this cycle. In 1995 his career began in the design department graduate trainee engineer in Telco (now Tata motors) in their Pune plant. Hanmant Gaikwad work more efficiently in the Telco. And those efforts earned the recognition from company management in saving huge cost for the company by making productive use of raw materials and wastage. This recognition helped to Gaikwad known among the workers and youth from his village started approaching him for jobs. Not much wasting his time he used to manage the various request and applications for some jobs for these youth.

The plant management agreed to hire eight of them but not on the company rolls. He received 60 lakh in loan from Tata Finance to buy the cleaning equipment. Raising Of BVG.(Golden Year 2000). In 2000 Gaikwad formally resigned from Tata motors and decided to name his organization as “Bharat Vikas Group”, which focused only on social approach to employment and skill developments. And started ” BVG LTD ” with eight employees who approached him for jobs when he worked at Telco. Bharat Vikas Group soon emerged as the leader in integrated service operations expanded into related facilities management, operations and skill developments association. Mr. Umesh Mane a dear friend of Hanmantrao Gaikwad gave up his job as a bank manager and took up the charge and responsibility as a operations head, while Mr.Gaikwad took up overall growth responsibility along with his job at Teclo. Here Mane focused only on quality of work , the new approach to work with dedicated team took lead to references from many other company and outfit grew. Today Bharat Vikas Group operations and skill developments in association with the Government of India is the leading organization in India.

BVG’s other notable clients include the residence and office of the Prime Minister of India and the Rashtrapati Bhavan which is residence of the President of India. As of 2012, the company is valued at Rs. 1000 crore and provides non core activities such as mechanized housekeeping, hospital maintenance. Landscaping gardening, logistics, transportation, civil, electrical work, ambulances services industrial and urban waste management etc. BVG not only provides their services into private but also to the government institutions. BVG is also expanding its operations into overseas territories.

In very short time period BVG work was praised by government. Establishment of BVG India Ltd Hanmant Gaikwad is the recipient of several awards for his social and entrepreneurial initiatives and has spoken at international conferences. He received the prestigious lokmat Maharashtrian award of The Year in 2011. Awarded as largest employees in private sector in 2015. Awarded Rotary Club of Mumbai. The thought of greatest Marathi thinker Sane Guruji: – “A few people are born with silver spoon but most are born to struggle and sharing experience”. Once

Mr.Gaikwad didn’t had one rupee for bus ticket, but today he is the owner of Rs 300 corer’s company. Because of his struggle, efforts and using his skills-set and knowledge with potential, he is among today’s successful entrepreneurs called ‘Mr.Hanmantrao Ramdas Gaikwad who started with 8 employees to a 300 employees

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