Kentucky Fried Chicken’s (Kfc) In India

“Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start.”
-Simon Sinek (British-born American author and motivational speaker)

KFC was founded by Harland Sanders (Sanders) in the early 1930s, when he started cooking and serving food for hungry travelers who stopped by his service station in Corbin, Kentucky, US. He did not own a restaurant then, but served people on his own dining table in the living quarters of his service station. His chicken delicacies became popular and people started coming just for food. Kentucky Fried Chicken was born. Soon, Sanders moved across the street to a motel-cum-restaurant, later named ‘Sanders Court & Cafe,’ that seated around 142 people.

Over the next nine years, he perfected his secret blend of 11 herbs and spices and the basic cooking technique of chicken. Sanders’ fame grew and he was given the title Kentucky Colonel by the state Governor in 1935 for his contribution to the state’s cuisine. But his journey was full of troubles and hardship.

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