Dhanshri Paper Mill

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”
Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft

Mr. Vivek Patel born on 22nd Feburary 1991 at Vadodra (Gujarat) joined his family business of paper industry in 2013.He belongs to business family & has done his school education in Gujarat. After getting initial experience in Swastik he shifted towards Sukraft in 2014. He suggest an idea about paper machinery for the own purpose in house property. After consultation with his father and other mill partners he started the factory at Aurangabad in 2014 named as Sutech Engineers pvt. Ltd.

Sutech Engineers pvt. Ltd. Got tremendous success in Indian market. Afterward they export machinery to other countries like Sri Lanka, Egypt, South Africa & Kenya. Now he is planning to enter into solar project in Mumbai at initial level. They have an exhibition in Delhi. They are entering into Capital market by Initial Public offer from 2025. They have also launched website of company name HULAYO.COM

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Dhanshri Paper Mill
Dhanshri Paper Mill