Mr . Pankaj Pagar – Rise of Immortal

The Entrepreneur’s Script – Part One

The great George Bernard Shaw once said that “life is not about finding yourselves it’s about creating yourself”.
On the urge of it I think destiny has its part to play and bring all three of them together to build something which they truly found themselves proud about.

And as eager students of marketing we are fascinated by their journey of being an entrepreneur and also wants to know them closely we glance into their work life through our conversation.

So my obvious first question was how was their college life?

Dhaval replied: the three trio of us I (Dhaval Tagare), Mayur Shelar and Onkar Sonawane first met at our engineering college (k. k wagh), Nasik. Where we never thought that one day we will called ourselves business partner or we will became an entrepreneur in future.

As trio we are totally different characters, mind-sets and backgrounds where Mayur Shelar is a research oriented person where I like to ask questions and Onkar Sonawane likes to solve those question. (Sarcastically)

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