Mr. Bhivaji Babaji Patil – Patil Nursery,Nashik

Mr. Bhivaji Babaji Patil - Patil Nursery,nashik

Bhivaji Babaji Patil was born in the year 1900 in a small village named Vihitgaon in Nashik City in a Family of a Farmer. His father was a Police Officer of the village under the British Rule. Mr.Bhivaji received 1 Acres of land from ancestory. He was futuristic from the beginning, as he studied till 4thStd, though staying in a rural area of Vihitgaon, also in a very tender age, he started business of vegetables export and also entered into the business of Gold.

This mindset of his was created due to working under a landlord as an accountant, and also accompanying with people who already had business, paving way for a Visionary who changed the way of traditional thinking of farmers towards farming and agriculture.

His ideas and vision has paved way for the Patil Nursery, which was 1st Nursery Nashik City and also paved way for the future generations to look at floriculture and plant grafting as a business prospects.

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