Mr. Nilesh Wagh – My Time Will Come

Nilesh was born in very large joint family. Among them he is the biggest son of his family. He was born in 9 April 1986. He completed his education from the village till 12th standard, because the education in his village till 10th standard only forgetting further education after tenth he did walk 5 km daily to another village. In that time his family condition really a problematic that why? He has to stopped his education and go out for job. At that time, he was only 19- year-old boy. He finds his first job at Navapur in Nadurbar district as a sales officer of crop seeds dealer and his first salary was 8400,he did work for 2001 to 2006.In 2007 he started working at agriculture services centre in Akola for doing this work he finds his interest that helping a need farmer can make a great development so, that time hegets this business idea but doing any business need a capital.

For, doing business in 19s bank doesn’t provide any loan for business. If we take the loan, we have to mortgage the home or farm but his condition but his condition was not that good that he can gave mortgage. In the end he asks money to his friends some close family members & able to collect 10 lakh. He opened his shop in 2015 & doing a lot and great business and also working for “save farmer’’ organization.

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