Mr. Praveez Khan

Mr. Parvez Khan, DOB:- 2/04/1980, Spouse:-Zeenat P. Khan,Birth Place:-Nashik,Study:- Till 8th

Today, we will study a case of person who had started from nil and nowhe is touching the skylike anything. He started his early days in a garagein old Nashik.
The name of this person is Mr. Parvezchand Khan. He was born on2ndApril 19820. Hisfather name was Mr. Chand Khan. His familycondition was very worse. His family can’t even afford two time mealfor his family. His only source of income was his father. He wasworking in a garage in old Nashik. he had responsibility of his child(i.e.2 sons and 3daughters) he hardly earn 2-300 bucks monthly. Due to poorcondition of family, Chand khan can’t afford education to his children.

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