Nothing to Everything – Ashok Bagmar

Born in a small village of approx 20 Km away from Nashik – Dindori road, Ashok Bagmar was the youngest among the four sons of the Bagmars. The Bagmars were one of the wealthiest families of Nasik at that point of time. But life is not always a bed of roses. Being in the onion trading business they had to suffer the biggest loss of their life which took away all they had, they had to sell all their belonging in Nasik and return back to their native village near Dindori where they came from. As a child life was very tough for Ashok, barely could they manage their meals but the adverse conditions did not weaken him, it developed a unique quality in Ashok. He could connect with different people and develop good relations with them and this quality was very decisive in the future success of Ashok

As a child he completed his primary education in his home town after completing his basic education. He took admission in one of the best collages of Nashik for the B Com course but life wasn’t very easy here. He came to Nashik with just two pair of clothes that too which were gifted by his friends, one a Muslim friend and other from his community.He was put up in a hostel belonging to his community, many a times he did not have the money to pay his hostel and canteen fees. A petty sum of Rs.4 being the fee for the hostel and food. It was here that once again his quality of getting along with people and building relationships came to his rescue, his hostel friends contributed and paid his hostel fee.

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