Mr. Gopal Prajajpati

Age:35 , Birth Date: 02-09-82 , Place of Birth: Nashik , Education: SSC ,
Current turnover: 25cr.

Gopal Prajapati was born in a very poor joint family. His father was a Saw mill worker. Due to the fact he was always fond of the wood. He use to go to his father’s working place every day after school as his father worked only across his house. His house was very small and could barely support so many people.

So he used to sleep in the saw mill on the wood plots. When he was in 6st standard he remembers his father’s boss expanding his business now the saw mill also started producing wooden boxes and wooden forklift support for industries. The boss of his father was a very happy and kind man he treated his workers as their Partners. So he made his father as a head worker at the new box business. Gopal started helping his father in all the work after school hours.

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