Entrepreneur In The City: Rajeev Samant

Just like introduction of Nasik is incomplete without the mention of Ram Ghat, similarly boasting about growth of Nasik is incomplete without the mention of Sula Wines. Sula Wines has bought a new face and recognition on a global horizon to the Grape City Nasik. The success story of Sula Wines, the brain child of unconventional entrepreneur Rajeev Samant, is paradigm for young entrepreneurs.

After leaving his job at Oracle and getting back to Mumbai, an idea to utilize his family owned 30 acre land near Nasik struck the entrepreneurs chords in him. He setup Sula Vineyards and started producing premium range wines under the identity of Sula Wines. It started in 1999 with a production of 50000 bottles of wine and has now expanded to huge 3 million bottles per year. Rajeev Samant not only formed Sula Vineyards, he has also adopted organic viniculture and environment friendly practices here. The achievements of Rajeev Samant and the success of Sula Wines have made him the role model of young entrepreneurs..

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