Case Study For Jahagirdar Bakers

Jahagirdar bakers bringing the Taste and Health together are the famous and renowned manufacturer of the biscuits. Keeping the perceptive and keen objective of health friendly biscuits, they produce crunchy, delicious and healthy biscuits and are consumed by customers of any age. The healthy Way has been the motive of Jahagirdar Bakers ever since the inception and they are into healthy and nutritious producers of biscuits. The researchers propounded HEALTH CARE BISCUITS RANGE and executed the same in production of the biscuits.

Having the state-of-art Oven, equipments and machinery with utilizing the best R&D department the company always has the keen-eyed observant to throw the spotlight on “Promise of Quality” to retain the customers. With this been the motto Jahagirdar bakers penetrated their market with a large number of customer base, dominated the market with strategic formulation to implement in the business through marketing tools and most importantly concentrating on the residential as a prime source of customers.

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