Mr. Kisansa Kshatriya (1953 – 1987)

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Kisansa and Vishnusa, both brothers, came to Nashik In 1943. Initially, there are from Yeola (Maharashtra). Kshatriya Brothers had a very poor background, their financial condition was very poor. they both, i.e. Kisansa and Vishnusa, was not that much educated. As they are having a very poor background and less education, they are willing to earn money, fame and success. So they decided to do some business from which they can fulfill their dreams. In 1945 they started their business of cigarettes, bidis, matchboxes and other such stuff. The business was running smoothly. But the Kshatriya brothers was not happy with the income and profits. So after 8years, they decided to start some other business from which they can earn more profits, so Kisansa decided to start the business of paithani sarees. In 1953 Kisansa started his business of Parthian sarees. In 1953 they had 1500 rupees in their hand for this business. Vishnusawas not that much interested in this business, so he separated. Kisansa started his business in 1953 named SUGANDHA SAREE CENTRE and his business started earning profits as there were no competitors in the market.

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