Pramod Metkar – No One To Someone

Mr. Pramod Metkar and his Brother, Owner Mark Mall Pvt. Ltd.

He comes from small village Deola In Nashik district. He made his small family business into an organization and wishes to grow more. This is a journey of a person who came from a village to a city with nothing but a big dream to do something big.

Mr. Pramod Metkar comes from Deola village which is located in Nashik district. He has completed his education from local school. His father owned a small grocery shop in the village. At first, Mr. Pramod worked under his father to gain knowledge & experience.

Pramod Metkar – No One To Someone

He studied the market & growing competition in the village. To counter that, he asked his family & friends for advice. After listening to everyone, he came to a decision that he should open a shop in Nashik. To do that, he convinced his family to shift to Nashik city.

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