Mohan Ramrakhiyani – Often Wrong, Never In Doubt

On 11th November 1979 Mohan was born in    Nashik city. Mohan is from middleclass family who have very sharp and creative mind he’s father was a India security pre-examiner. Mohan completes his schooling from Saint Francis school in Nashik, he was topper in his school, he completes his collagefrom J.D.C. Bytco collage, in commerce field. Mohan was topper in his school and college.

Mohan complete his M.B.A Degree also from same collage in marketing. Mohan was a very bright student in every activity he does, with his family support and his ability and willpower he was unstoppable and achieved many things during his life.

Struggle he face during his collage life
Every middle class boy has a dream to help his father in work and support family. Mohan also want to help his father, when he was in 12th he took dealership of ‘Tata chemical distributors’, but by the time the Tata chemical company stopped production and that’s why mohan has to wind- up his dealership of that, he faced big loss from that dealership.

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