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Nupur Biswas,MBA-2015

“An MBA from SITRC has opened door which I never knew about them. For me, those doors actually never existed. The MBA has proven to be a license for bigger things in life.”


Ashwin Thankachan,MBA-2015

“Two intense years of hard work, fun, friendship, frolic, networking, sleepless nights and what not.. All has led to an incredible degree from a finest institution.”


Nidhi Singh,MBA-2015

“The most amazing stuff about my college was its incredible monomaniac focus on helping each one of us in becoming a leader. I had the opportunity to interact with countless employers and do shadow projects. Finally, I was recruited with one of them.”


Akash Maganani,MBA-2015

“Studying at SITRC meant being taught by some of the leading faculties, industry heavyweights and also was able to network with very resourced and renowned business personality. Loved every minute of my time spent there.”


Pooja Pasricha,MBA-2015

” The MBA from SITRC didn’t merely offer a degree but it helped me in developing my leadership capabilities. I never imagined to work with one of the world’s largest financial institution. Thankyou peeps!”


Ankit Joshi,MBA-2015

“I can never have enough of my brilliant professors, beautiful friends and exciting moments which I had at SITRC. I would miss all these moment immensely. MBA has huge focus on value creation and superior value delivery – which I totally loved!”