Finding Success With: Viju Dabeli

Located on College Road, this joint is famous for its spicy dabeli. The sandwiches are a good accompaniment as well .Food was always on my mind,” says the young entrepreneur. The journey, he says, “has been very exciting.” His experience in managing local foods service spaces came in handy when he was working at Canada corner at dabeli centre Rs 10 per day. After Giving his exam of B.Com FY (which he was not able to qualify) he started working at the Canada corner .During this Period he used to work for 17-18 hours per day .He used to go college from 7-12, then he worked at medical shop and then he worked at Dabeli centre from 5PM to 11.00PM.It‟s good that there are more players in the city etc, in the delivery segment as it creates recognition for the product category, which in turn increases the market share.

However, our products are unique, our ingredient and way of preparation is unique. They focus on Quality test, giving best quality providing best service, Customer Relationship. The business plan here is to develop a cult following that keeps coming back for more and also translates into a self-sustaining and highly effective marketing tool, it works on high volume and low operating cost, resulting in excellent food at reasonable prices .The most important things that he learned is following and adhering to a ‘process’.

He also learnt the importance of ‘flavor’. The chalta hai, casual attitude doesn‟t work success lies in finding the right locations, keeping costs low, and maintaining a consistently high quality of food. It„s also about interacting with Customers .Have a strong faith and determination.

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