Chaha Katta: Sapat

Chaha Katta : Sapat

Sapat was founded by Ramashankar Haribhai  Joshi in 1897. At a time where Indian owned companies were rare in the British Raj, the company started with Sapat Lotion, one of the oldest Healthcare brand in India. This was followed by a foray into tea, resulting in the birth of the famous Sapat Chai. Later Sapat becomes a leading exporter of Chai to the Middle East. The Chand Tara® goes on to become the preferred brand of Indian Chai in Iraq and the Middle East. In 1940’s Sapat Pharmaceuticals expands with new products and geographical footprint across India.Introduction of Sapat Chai packets and rural promotion vans expands distribution and makes Sapat Chai one of the most popular brands across Western Maharashtra. Parivar Chai ’90s Launch of Parivar Chai.Its unique 5-tea blend, and the communication agents based rural marketing effort, make it one of the largest leaf-tea brands in Maharashtra. In 1990s Foray into real-estate and retailing. Sapat fresh loose tea stores expand through franchising

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