Case Study: Mr. Somnath Punjaram Ippar

The name of the person is Mr. Somnath Punjaram Ippar. He was born on 28th sept 1973 in Nashik. He belongs to poor family of a farmer named Punjaram Ippar his family condition was so critical that his father can’t even afford two time meal for complete family. Even then punjaram supported his both sons for study, but due to some financial conditions, both of his sons left the school in class 8th and 7th respectively. After leaving study, elder son started working with his father in farming. But somnath started working in shops at the age of 18th, He was working as a daily wages labour in VIP Bags Company. He got only 120 rupees per week. He contributed too much to his family. His family condition improved day by day. He left company after working there for 4 years and he left company due to his poor health. His family supported him at that time again because there was a huge crisis his family and then he started selling peanuts on the street on college road, He daily earned Rs. 40 to 50. His conditions again improve slowly and after selling peanuts for about 1 to 2 years.He saved lot of money and then he purchased a cart and he started selling pani puri. His business improved day by day his daily income increased from Rs 50 to 250 per day and slowly, He added more items to his cart like Bhel, Sev puri, and many more. His family condition becomes stable. He then married in the year 1998. His wife also supported him in his business. She started to make masala at home itself. He then started expand his business. He added variety of chaats and hired a worker for his stall. But he realized that the worker is not efficient enough. He then removed him and start looking for new one and then he called his brother-in-law for support, He helped him a lot and learned a lot from him, His business began to rise too much that the due were not able to handle it at evening time. He hired one more person for cleaning. He improved his stall to movable cart in 2010 and his business rises day by day. He added dabeli and papdi chaat to its Case Study Mr. Somnath Punjaram Ippar 48 | Page menu in 2012. He earned so much that in 2014, he purchased a new cart costing Rs. 80,000. His business expand so much that there were people waiting outside, his stall in evening. The main crowd among youngster college going students. He took the whole area of about 800 sq ft on rent. So that the people can wait/stand and eat safely. His business become stable and he is totally satisfied with his earning (i.e. Rs. 6000 to 7000 per day) after all his expenses on his business he saved around Rs. 2000 daily.

The chat items provided by him are:

  • Pani Puri
  • Bhel Puri
  • Shev Puri
  • Cheese Shev Puri
  • Masala Puri /Ragda Pattice
  • Cheese Dabeli
  • Butter Dabeli
  • Dahi Puri
  • Papdi Chat

For preparing this chat items the use of mineral water is only done. So now he is trying to expand the business on a large basis by buying a land where he uses to put a cart. So that he can construct a shop for chat and take a business on a high scale. This can help him out to earn more which can help him in future.

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