Case Study: Mr. Praveez Khan

The name of this person is Mr. Parvezchand khan. He was born on2ndApril 19820. His father name was Mr. Chand khan. His family condition was very worse. His family can’t even afford two time meal for his family. His only source of income was his father. He was working in a garage in old Nashik. he had responsibility of his child(i.e.2 sons and 3daughters) he hardly earn 2-300 bucks monthly. Due to poor condition of family, Chand khan can’t afford education to his children. Due to this reason, Mr. Parvez left school in class 8.After leaving school, he was searching for some sort of jobs but due to less qualification he didn’t get any job. After straggling for about 6 month he joined the garage where his father war already working. He starts working at the initial salary of 800 rs month only. He helped his father in his household expenses like younger brother education and other home expectation. He helped his younger brother to graduate he also helped his sister to pass their basic study after he helping her sister in study, he arranged her marriages and settled her after all this he started has own garage in a small road ride . he then slowly slowly this business started for rise he hired 3 workers in his garage . after success in his business , he married to zeenat khan in 2004. One day a regular customer came for his car reporting (Tata Sumo). The customer was irritated by maintenance of the car so, hedecided to sell it. He asked to Mr. Parvez for this value and sale. of the car Mr. Parvez founded few customers who were willing to buy second hand car at affordable rate. After some meeting with the car owner was disappointed by the deal so he himself boughs it, after purchasing the car, he modify basic things in the car and appointed one of his worker as a driver. He now give this car rent purpose. He started to make money in good amount then he thought of change his business from garage to the Travel business. Then he started slow expand his travel business in traveling. He started to rise so well that in few years he has 12 seven seats car and 7 five seated car.

Now he also started tieCase Study Mr. Praveez Khan up with various hotels and company for the regular purpose. He also started his cab services from Nashik to Pune and Mumbai daily or on demand. he is thinking of starting bus service from Nashik to Mumbai, Pune , Shirdi and many more city within Maharashtra. The Challenges & Action As a Mr. Parvez Khan is new in the Travel Business he does not have any type of knowledge about this type of business when he started his business in this segment that time already many competitor have their name in the market. So he has to face problems in the beginning. But he never give-up in that situation also. In the beginning he not earn more profit from that business but still he providing car to the customer in the low price than the other competitor. Slowly he starting the capture the market and success to give good facility to the customer he earning the good profit from business. He trying to give good price to the customer and also attractive offers to regular customer Identify Target Audience for business Mr. Parvez Khan know the travel industry of Nashik is in booming stage so he never give-up in the starting stage when he started his business and work with low profit. Mr. Parvez Khanidentify the target audience for his business. For his business many audience is any person from middle class who want to travel from Nashik to any place. Mr. Parvez Khan also know the identify the audience is not so difficult but fulfilling their demands and turning them into its potential customers is really not easy.

Marketing & Promotion:
Sarkar Tours and Travel is well known player in the Nashik. They using the different type of promotion and branding strategy for the more business. The advertisement in the local newspaper, hotel, and also in some banner on the local rikshwa. Also they regularly update their customer about the new and attractive offers.

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