Case Study : Mr.palash Gursale

He was born in a middleclass family. His father is employee in PF Office. His mother was a housewife. His parents both doing work hard and wanted their children to educate.Varun was born in 1994. He was the youngest kid in the family. As his parents wanted to educate their children Palash was admitted in school at Bhosla Military School, Nashik

Palash completed his Primary and Secondary schooling in Same School. During the education Palash was going with his father to help his father to doing the Housekeeping work. There he completed his HSC education. After completing his HSC education he also wanted to study further. But delicate financial conditions did not allow him to do so. So he decided to quit education and search for a job so that he can help his family and their financial needs. He took admission in as external student and also doing work as part time.

Here started the real journey of Palash from being a bachelor student to be today’s successful entrepreneur. As a need Palash was searching for a job and an earning source. This search got him to a Housekeeping job in his father office. This was 1st job of his life. Palash was working in the office as housekeeper. The job did not give Palash a satisfaction. Though the job was helping him to earn for his family but Palash mind was thinking for some different horizons.

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When he was in second year of he realize father doing work so he also want to help his father to earn something so he start to work in same company as part time work. Case Study Mr.Palash Gursale 7 | Page During his housekeeping job Palash used to go to his father company were his father doing work for the supply of Housekeeping items. During the work he had seen the company buy this Housekeeping item from other persons so if we supply same to the company so he started to sell Housekeeping items to the company. Suddenly one day he came across an advertisement regarding tender of the housekeeping items of a company then he want this tender for supply this item. As his father doing job in same company so company accept his tender and order him. Fortunately Palash got that tender and he finally signed a contract for supply the housekeeping items, Palash somehow managed the capital from his savings and took some money from his father and he dared to apply for the tender of the business.

P.F. Office was the first project Palash managed to start his business of housekeeping. This was first ever project Palash was working as an owner. With low finance and somehow Palash managed to start his business of housekeeping items.He was invest Rs. 50,000/- as his first investment to buy Row material of such business. This was year 2015 when Palash started running this Business.After six months, fortunately his attempt was successful. It was a 1 year contract with the company. During this period Palash got to learn many things about catering business. He got to know about what things he has to improve, on which aspects he has to focus. At this venture the turnover of his business was Rs. 3lakhs. This was making a sufficient profit for Palash. During the same time with a reference Palash got an offer for Housekeeping Items, Mops, Brush, Phynel, Brooms, Mats Etc. from same company.After six months he got other two new company tender like NSE Ambad and Udyog Bhavan this was best achievement of the business. Then his growth in this business with providing quality of product and well behave. This time Palash had sufficient capital and also a handful of experience in the Housekeeping field. After the success of the business he got more 8 | Page experience about the product quality and what wants from the company this knowledge help to get more tender.

The turnover of Quality Traders goes to 5 Lakhs per annum. Which also makes a profit nearly 20% for Palash. His monthly expenses for his distribution and purchasing Housekeeping Items are around 2 Lakhs. He was added some other Items in his business Catalog’s such as JK A-4 Size paper, Wet Mop, Shaving bled, Register Book, Zip Lock Bag, Toilet Brush, Transparent Tape, Etc. After that he also got another for company tender these was Ujwal Agency, Mahindra Company, Alcon ltd. And Alcap Ltd. This is the major success in his business.In 2016 he had 7 companies tender. And business turnover around Rs 15 lakhs. Though he has a honest and capable team still Palash personally looks after the business with keen interest.After success of this business he start Distribution channel for there Product but the problem of high fare rate so he buy new Goods Carrier (Magic) for transport there product.First he bought from the local wholesaler margin was low so he decided to buy from Mumbai, Pune and Daman etc. there was low ret and get more profit. The suppliers like Alif Traders and Bhagy Enterprise, Mumbai.Because of this decision he got more profit and minimize cost so he sell Housekeeping Items In lower cost than other Competitor in this field.During the settlement period of Palash’s 2nd venture with company P.F. Office his 1st contract with Alcon and Alcap was about to end. As day by day the workload at company was increasing he decided to give up with the 1st venture. Thus after a period of long 1 years the contract for college canteen was completed and was not renewed. Thus now Palash got more time to concentrate on his venture with company. Now he has more than 13 small or big companies tender such as Mahindra And Mahindra, Jalsa Hotel, Sayhandry Bank, Carbon Etc. Since 2015 Palash is successfully 9 | Page catering the needs of Company, staff and visitors at this companies offices. The turnover of the Quality Traders goes up to 30 Lakhs as mentioned by Palash. A handful profit of 10 to 15 % is made in this venture.

For this Business a team of 15 people work for Palash. The responsibility of managing all the operations and staff is done by Mr.Shrinath Dhole.At this Business a large amount of Material are required. As per details given by Palash, this Business 50 types of product in Housekeeping requires in daily uses. And more than 35 Items as per requirements on time. All the items are purchased from the well-known wholesalers at Mumbai, Pune, Daman. Up downs in the market and number of consumers that is small or Big company are the factors that affect the Housekeeping business sometimes. Palash mentioned. Now Palash is at sound financial condition so that he can sustain with a 5-6 month credit period for his client payment. Maintaining well stock and availability of all type of product which is user-friendly and serving best quality are the key factors of success of Palash’s business. Palash also mentioned that their only try is to provide homemade like Clean to everyone. Despite having no education related to this field he has done a commendable job in Housekeeping Business field. In near future Palash is planning to open a new office in Pune city

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