Case Study : Mr. Kishor Nagre

Case Study : Mr. Kishor Nagre
Case Study : Mr. Kishor Nagre

which is near to Jadhav sankul, trambak road. which is started by Entrepreneur Kishor Nagare. The person who’s was pursuing Engineering from Sapkal college of engineering and had vision to become a entrepreneur. So because of his family background is not financially enough to invest the big amount of money in business so the person Mr. Kishor invested the Rs 600000 from Nationalize bank and started his own business as in Restaurant sector, the name of Restaurant is given Nanacha mala.

Mr. Kishor Nagare has completed is school life in Vidya prabodhini Marathi medium school which is near to college road, Nasik. From the school life itself Mr. Kishor Wanted to start his own business so because of his dream he joined engineering course but some of personal issue he got failed result in engineering third year. So after getting failure in engineering he decided to get involved in the business sector. so he raised Rs. 600000 from nationalized bank and started one small Restaurant Nanacha mala near to jadhav sankul.

First of all Mr. Rahul Found that his farm is there near to Jadhav sankul and the farm is their own family owned farm. So Mr. Kishor thought that there is scope of improvement in this respective land so they decided that there is highway near to land so they thought to build one Restaurant which will be give best quality to food and business will also provide some profit to them so they invested Rs600000 in the farm to the infrastructure of Restaurant. Mr. Kishor having their family business in Restaurant industry but its small business by their family but Mr. Kishor wanted to start big Restaurant by their own fund so because of his uncle Mr. Dinkar Nagare he got motivated and got the idea to start Restaurant. His mother name Mrs. Vaishali Nagare is housewife but she’s also interested in business sector so she provided best support to Mr. Kishor Nagare and because of support from his own family he got the success and having 12 Lack INR of turnover in 1 Year. and having 3.50 Lack INR of profit. so he said that his mother an his uncle were his motivating and success factor in this business

The location is an important factor to consider while discussing how to start a Restaurant business, as it can determine the success of your Restaurant. While choosing your Restaurant’s location, it is a good idea to identify your competitor in that area and gauge their success. The competition needs to be gauged not just in terms of cuisine, but also 12 | Page the type-casual dining, fine dining, QSR, etc. This would help establish that a target customer base already exists in the area. Other factors to be considered while deciding the location of the Restaurant business.The restaurant should be located at a place where it is easily visible as well as accessible. Upper floor locations are generally not considered good as their visibility is low, and customers also find them difficult to locate. A Restaurant right in the front and at the ground floor has higher footfalls. Before you open your Restaurant, you would also need No Objection Certificate (NOC) from at least three of your neighbors. Restaurant has been located on Nashik-Trimbekshwar road which is very beautiful place. Mr. Kishor Nagare choose this location because it has near by the highway as well as it is near by a town, so he thought to establish his business only here. Whole restaurant is spread into the 2 acres

At the first he selected the spot then he tried to capture the land. For capturing the land he faced certain problems. But finally he got the land on rent basis. After capturing land he saw that there are so many trees on that land. For constructing Restaurant or any 13 | Page kind of infrastructure you have to permission of government. After a lot of hard work he finally he got permission from the NMC to cut the tree on the promise of tree plantation more than he cut. After cutting of all trees there was need of leveling the land. But at that he saw that there is one river which passing horizontally between highway & his spot. Because of that there was a transport problem of construction material. By his persistency, hard work & using his mind he constructed one bridge on river between highway & his spot. After constructing bridge he leveled the land which took nearby 1 month period which was almost long & boring period. The leveling of land had almost done. After that he thought to construct Restaurant on that land. As per his mind set Restaurant can be run profitable if your interior is good & you serve good taste. For the interior he took help of architecture & some designs were made by him. As he is an engineer he is a good architecture. He designed all the interior of Restaurant. A successful Restaurant has an environment that matches the food it is serving and the customers it attracts. A Restaurant that focuses on selling fun and colorful pizzas to children should have an environment that’s colorful and exciting. A Restaurant that focuses on selling upscale food should create an environment of dim lights, soft music and high-quality items, such as wineglasses and well-cushioned booths. A Restaurant that creates an environment that appears completely opposite of its intended style makes customers feel uncomfortable and doesn’t give the Restaurant an image to build on. The next part of how to start a Restaurant is designing a menu. A smartly designed menu can make a huge impact on your Restaurant food costs. The menu should comprise of items that can be prepared easily and use local or easily available ingredients. It is advisable to serve dishes that use similar ingredients, thus reducing wastage. Food is one of the major factors in determining a Restaurant’s success. Food, like a Restaurant’s environment, should mimic its intended style. Patrons of a fast food Restaurant aren’t expecting food that’s of four-star quality, but they do expect the food to taste good and appear freshly prepared. Food that’s burnt or cold turns off customers, and 14 | Page while they may not leave the Restaurant immediately, poorly prepared food does make them less excited about returning. Successful Restaurants consistently serve fresh food that is exactly as described on the menu. By above concept he tried to give best to his customer for that he need to found a good cook. For these he spend his 3 months & finally he got the cook. He made interior with nice view & which attracts customer easily. After setting business every business need to promote their product. As per these concept Mr. Kishor Nagare advertise his Restaurant from newspaper, hoardings, broachers, handbill etc. These promotional activity helps him to grow his business. We know first hand, having created and operated many restaurants over the last twenty-five years. Adequate sales, experience, and capital can help, but without solid financial and operational controls in place, long-term success is not assured. That’s why the The Restaurant Resource Group was created…. to empower restaurant operators by providing these “controls” in the form of simple, yet powerful, financial and management product and service. We produce our vegetables in our farm and we also take vegetables from market and for that we have own transportation system

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