Case Study: Chinmay Udgirkar

As an actor, he has been performing in experimental theatre for the past seven years. But, his debut serial ‘Swapnanchya Palikadle’ in lead role, brought him name and fame. In the recent past Chinmay Udgirkar, the talented actor from Nashik, who was part of a Theatre Group Genius, has performed in many experimental plays and was also part of serials like ‘Raja Shiv Chhatrapati’ & ‘Mann Udhaan Varyache’. Chinmay has also made his film debut with latest released film ‘Shyamche Vadil’ in which he plays a young 22 year old protagonist, who is a Rock singer. Marathi Movie World spoke to Chinmay, to know more about his acting career.

While in school and college, Chinmay used to perform on stage, just as a hobby. But, after winning the prizes for his performance; he himself doesn’t remember when exactly his hobby turned into passion. Today, Chinmay has gone through all the three areas of acting; i.e. stage, television and now films. His role of Shyam in ‘Shyamche Vadil’ has offered him a right platform for his entry into Big screen. Speaking about his selection for this role, Chinmay says that Mr. Ajay Pathak, who was creative head of his serial, had this idea in mind, to make a film. “When he turned Producer and decided to make this film, he selected me for this role, as he had seen my work and was impressed with me,” he ads.

Chinmay feels that hard work and sincerity is very important in any profession, you opt for. “I exactly did that and tried to give my 100%. “While I was doing theatre, I not only performed on stage; but, was also part of back stage work and even selling tickets of the show at the window, whenever required. May be this commitment and sincerity, enabled me to find my roles in serials and film,” he stated.

Chinmay’s favorite actors are Tom Hanks and Aamir Khan; but as far as idol is concerned, there is none who has really inspired him. Since the time, he became serious about acting profession, he has been on his own. When asked to comment on Reality show, he preferred to avoid comments, as he felt that it was a different field.

In the recent past, there were news floating about his close links with actress Mrunal Dusanis. When asked to comment on this close friendship, Chinmay was frank enough to comment, stating “Both of us are very good friends for past few years, since we belonged to the same theatre group and have been always supporting each other in this city of Mumbai. This does not mean that people should start linking up our good relationship for something else. We are just good friends,” he concludes..

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